The Ship Ashore Mass Murders

Eagle Canyon Flyer

“Smith River, Calif.  (UPI) —  An overnight motel guest “went berserk” Sunday night and killed four persons with a high-powered rifle.” That’s the dateline from a newspaper clipping I have from 1975.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 23rd, 1951. He had also been in trouble with the law, having robbed and beaten a man half to death.

For that Robert Paul Sander received a three-year probation sentence. When he violated his probation he ended up in a mental health institute for evaluation, where he eventually gained an early release

He eventually ended up working at Sears as a tire changer. This is where he purchased the 30-30 rifles he would use to take five innocent lives.

Sander left Cincinnati, in mid-February heading West through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona then to Provo Utah, Reno, Nevada and then San Francisco, He left San Francisco, driving north on Highway 101, arriving in…

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