The Baristas’ Tale

Good piece of fictional writing, well done story.

Eagle Canyon Flyer

Two sharp pops interrupted the buzz of young voices. And for a moment an awful stillness hung over the classroom.

It was my fourth day on the job as a substitute teacher. I had seven tours of duty in the Marines between Iraq and Afghanistan and I recognized the sound before it even registered in the children’s minds.

Seconds passed. Two more bursts of semi-automatic gunfire, this time louder.

Looking at the youngsters, some whose name I had yet to memorize, I knew their terror.  I was also terrified, because a lock-blade knife was all I had and not the M-4 or 1911 I’d been packing two-months before.

Seconds passed. Another pop, pop…louder…closer.

“Okay, let’s go into lock-down mode like you’ve practiced. I’ll close the blinds as you push your desks in front of the door. Hurry!”

Seconds passed. Two more pops…even closer and louder.

“Now, tip those two tables over…

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