Social Media Shaming: Go or No?

InkBlots and IceBergs

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in the circulation of social media posts that publicly narrate some sort of offense or wrongdoing by a private person, whose name and photo are typically included (even tagged) in the post. Usually, the one posting is the person who was offended, and in all fairness, it’s often the case that the offense was truly heinous or admittedly unethical. For example, the posts featured the following:

  1. A person who physically assaulted (e.g. slapped, hit, kicked) another person in public
  2. A student holding up a sign showing curse words for a public official
  3. A person who spread demeaning, accusatory rumors about an innocent individual
  4. A person indignantly (even arrogantly) refusing to pay their sizable financial debts, long past due
  5. A person who constantly lied to and cheated on their romantic partner
  6. A person who left insulting and discriminatory comments about a group of people on another…

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