How-To: Make a Yeast Starter

Marsh Brewing co.

A starter can help improve your beer by increasing pitch rate, reducing fermentation lag time, and reducing stress on the yeast. All of these things can reduce or eliminate off flavors and increased ester production that stressed yeast can bring to the table.

I’m planning on brewing this Sunday, I happen to have time, so let’s make a starter shall we?


Required Items:

  • 100g Light DME
  • 1.5L Water (less if your boil-off rate is lower)
  • Starter Vessel (I use an Erlenmeyer Flask but you can use what you’ve got) 
  • Stopper or aluminum foil to cover your vessel
  • Measuring cup(s) – for water and DME if you do not have a scale
  • Sanitizer (in the mini keg)
  • Funnel
  • Liquid yeast vial or packet, depending on your supplier of choice
  • Medium/Large Saucepan with lid
  • Beer (I’m drinking my Lime Wheat)

Helpful Items:

  • Scale for weighing DME
  • Defoamer/Fermcap (boilovers suck)
  • Stir plate
  • Stir bar

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