Northumberlandia in the snow

A Tog's eye view

Greetings from inside the belly of the beast!

As the Beast from the East is currently tearing through the country, and everyone is no doubt huddling around the fireplace drinking Horlicks, I thought I’d post a couple of new photos.

I got caught up in the storm yesterday and only managed to get a couple of decent images before I was forced to head back to the car and warm up a bit!

First up –

Snow Queen of the North

I’ve photographed Northumberlandia a few times now (seeThe Lady in the Lake) but I’ve always wanted to capture her draped in snow. The original plan was to set up for a sweeping panorama of the Lady, however the Beast was having none of it; leaving me to capture a more intimate shot of her face and her giant bosom.

I’m not a huge wildlife photographer if I’m…

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