Coffee Break Discussions: Validate Your Existence!


Photography by Miguel Frias

Validate Your Existence

Be Part of the NarrativeContributor B.W.

Allow your voice to speak the language of your soul.  Don’t be afraid of your emotions, they will not harm you, they are here to help connect you to your past which will help you navigate your future. Acknowledge your talents and respect and understand that you have been granted the authority to use these gifts. Stop being so critical of yourself. Simply do what your are capable of doing, you’ll eventually see your capabilities will become limitless.  Explore! Explore the relationships around you, don’t be afraid to establish connections with others, doing so will help create memories that will exist long after you have departed. And finally, become acquainted with the ideals of  hope and faith. Having the hope that it will work out and the faith to know that it will, will make you become…

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