CHINA. Human Rights. China’s Relationship with Chile: The Struggle for the Future Regime of the Pacific


Evan Ellis – Assistant Professor of National Security

The International Information Portal on Human Rights - Evan Ellis

The article, based on research and interactions during my November 2017 engagement in Santiago.

Though superpower diplomacy dominated coverage of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) leaders summit in November, China’s upgrading of a free-trade agreement with Chile served to highlight the strength of an economic and political relationship that it has built with the country, and the influential position Chile currently occupies in shaping Chinese engagement with Latin America.

The agreement signed at APEC builds on a free-trade agreement first signed in 2005—the first of its kind between a South American nation and China. At first glance, China’s interactions with Chile appears to resemble its pattern of behavior with the region in general. Chile’s exports to the China are dominated by a limited number of low value-added commodities, including copper and potassium nitrate (used as fertilizer). Correspondingly, a broad range of…

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