AUSTRALIA. Decades of Negligence, Corruption and Conflict of Interest within Australia’s Financial Markets


Philomena O’Grady – Master of Criminological Studies (LaT), Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (MQ), Master of International Security Studies (MQ)

Philomena O_Grady is a Forensic Criminologist - Human Rights

“You might easily believe that the world is in the grip of a pandemic of corporate fraud and corruption. One after another, countries are launching anti-corruption campaigns or introducing new regulatory measures to combat attempts by dubious executives – aided and abetted by venal public officials – to steal money and undermine public ethics.” Richard Fenning – Chief Executive Officer of Control Risks

As a result of the negative economic and social impacts of decades of fraudulent banking practices, there has been an increase in governments globally demanding integrity, honesty and accountability of their financial institutions.

In order to combat the serious social and economic ramifications of corrupt and fraudulent banking practices the International community is constantly seeking to implement new initiatives to further strengthening the existing AML/CTFA framework. …

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