Toleration, inclusion, Compromise

Hard Times Ministries

Almost anyone will reinforce the concept of toleration, inclusion and compromise.  On first view these virtues appear noble enough and yes, often times they are.

It is one thing not to judge or be judgmental, but quite another to tacitly approve or even promote a behavior we know to be wrong.  The same is true for our ‘action’ of silence.

In our attempt as Christians to get along with all people, we have capitulated to the point that not only are Christians not taken seriously, but now credible doubt exists on what Christians as a whole believe in at all.

We can bend, compromise, include to the point whereas we sellout our principles.  We have invited via the media, aspects we know are contra to Christian living and have done so without a fight.

Now that our society is blowing up in our face, we are surprised.  We have been…

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