Massachusetts schools physically restrained students 9,000 times last year

BOSTON (AP) – Public school officials in Massachusetts say they had to physically restrain students more than 9,000 times during the 2016-17 academic year.

Districts were required to report cases to the state for the first time as part of new rules meant to curb the practice. State education officials released the data this week in response to a records request from The Associated Press.The data show the 9,070 restraint cases led to 244 injuries to students or staff. Most schools reported few cases of restraint, but some had more than 200.

Christine Griffin, head of the Disability Law Center advocacy group, called the data “extremely disturbing.” The John J. Doran Elementary School in Fall River reported 253 restraint cases, the most in the state. School leaders referred questions to the state.

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3 thoughts on “Massachusetts schools physically restrained students 9,000 times last year

  1. Restraining physically violent students is a huge issue, and those numbers are not telling the full story. I don’t think administrative measures will solve anything because each individual occurrence is unique, and staff must make instant decisions and act on the spot, otherwise someone is liable to get hurt. I think training of staff should be intensified, but that requires funding – a lot of it. I also think that inclusion in many cases in not justified as it endangers other students while not providing much needed intervention to students who are being “included.”


    1. I agree with your assumptions on this issue, each one is its own individual event. Schools cannot allow any student to be physical on school grounds as they do endanger other kids and staff yet we cannot be allowing staff to be over reacting and causing violent situations either. Tough call.

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      1. Believe me, Ted, in my case it’s not assumptions but years of dealing with these situations on daily basis. I don’t have the answer either, but empty rhetoric will not provide it.


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