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Haiti is an incredible country; it’s like paradise. This is where you find all natural foods to eat and juices to drink. Haiti is located in North America. The Republic of Haiti is divided into 10 departments and 42 boroughs compounds of 140 communes and 570 communal sections. In the northern department, there is Cap-Haitien, in the south, there is Les Cayes, in the west, there is Port-Au-Prince, in the east there is Ouanaminthe.


 Now Let’s Explore My Country And Our Foods

Compare to the United States and Haiti, Our Haitian food is very delicious and yummy. Our foods have a lot of vitamins and natural product in it. We made our rice with red beans, oil, salt, leek, and water. We made our salad with beets, onion, mayonnaise, and carrots. We made our plantain with water, and salt, it’s yummy etc…. Every Sunday, each and every family eat together. We…

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