The 7 Wonders of Georgia

The Adventure Ubers

  • Providence Canyon

Providence CanyonLocated in Stewart county, this 1,000 acre state park contains outstanding views of the multicolored walls of the “Little Grand Canyon.” Carved by erosion, this canyon shows Stewart county’s underground soil network and structure, exposing the different types and colors of clays, rocks, and sand up to a depth of 150 ft in some places. This state park offers some of the best hiking trails and camping opportunities in the state of Georgia and we highly recommend giving it a visit!


8930 Canyon Rd, Lumpkin, GA 31815, USA

  • Tallulah Gorge

tallulah fallsLocated on the Rabun/Habersham county line, this 2,690 acre state park is one of the most highly visited state parks in the state of Georgia, and with good reason. The main attraction is a 2 mile long, 1000 ft deep gorge that contains waterfalls and the Tallulah river. This park has several great opportunities to hike, including…

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