(Philosophy Poem) When The Truth Brings Us Great Harm

When The Truth Brings Us Great Harm


The great Prophet Jeremiah dared to tell the Truth

Into a dungeon, then into a cistern he was then cast

For speaking the Truth, to his chest he sank in the mire

All the Kings Prophets spoke one thing, he spoke another

His life hanging in the balance, from Truth he didn’t waver


With a blade to our neck, would our words of truth be strong

Can Truth change because of the anger of an earthly Dictator

Is not Truth still the Truth even if we are hated by the billions

Do we still speak the Truth even at the cost of our possessions

If put into chains and cast into a latrine, Truth, will we still tell it


The world killed the Prophets and The Christ, are we any better

Will we forfeit our home, our land, our lives, to speak The Truth

Kings, Presidents and governments will rage at our very words

Culture, friends and neighbors will hate us, as they hate The Truth

Life destroyed, death in dishonor, for Truth, we will be raised in Glory


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