Prince Charles, Free Speech, And Being Real

Prince Charles, Free Speech, And Being Real


On my Google Homepage a day or so ago I read an article from USA Today that spoke of some letters that Prince Charles had written to various members of Government throughout the years. I am not from England and I have never been able to afford to travel there so I am not an expert on their Governments inner workings. For those of us who are not from the UK this is a case where evidently the Prince as a member of the Royal Family is not allowed to express his opinions on pretty much on any subject matter because in being who he is he must remain neutral on all subjects. People, how would this even be possible for a person, any person, to never express their opinion, especially if you are in constant media glare like a person such as Prince Charles is?


Evidently a Media source in the UK had filed suit under the freedom of closure type of act years ago to have these 27 letters released to the public. Prince Charles had fought their release because they were private letters. Personally I disagree with the final Court decision to release the letters because I agree with Prince Charles, they were private. My point is this, why should every citizen in the UK have freedom of their own speech but Prince Charles because he is a member of the Royal Family should have none? Also, how does a person go through life with no opinion at all on anything? Briton, is that what you really want? Do you want the members of the Royal Family to be totally muted? Do you really not have and interest in these people as to who they really are as people nor what they really think as individuals on different subject matter? Their family is not able to enforce their will on any of you so why should they not be allowed to express their opinions in the same legal manner that every other citizen of the UK are allowed to do?


If these people can not feel free to express their opinions in private with others then are you not then guilty of insisting they follow an impossible course that you yourself can not abide to? Do you really want all of the Royal Family to be nothing but a photo shoot with a bunch of empty suits? If you want that, go visit the inner DC Beltway there is enough of that phony there to drown a Duck.



8 thoughts on “Prince Charles, Free Speech, And Being Real

  1. Wow, now that’s discipline!

    I wonder if I can remain neutral and not express an opinion on anything? I could just write letters and keep them private and when I no longer have a dog in the fight – someone could open them and read them if they chose. Nah, I wasn’t raised that way – but maybe I could start. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


    1. Sir I am glad that you liked the article, I appreciate that. My health is not good at all but it seems that there is nothing that the doctors can/will do about it. My heart is in such bad condition they have decided that it is to dangerous to even try anything. Each day I wake up it is a surprise to me, each day is a gift from God. If the doctors had been correct I was suppose to have died back in about 2002-3 so I have made my peace with God on this issue a long time ago. I do appreciate you caring enough to ask, thank you, I appreciate you.—ted


      1. Well,I pray for you Ted. You will be okay.
        And it’s me ,Neha (not sir)
        I guess you have forgotten because of my irregularities at WordPress.
        Never mind.
        Take care.


        1. You are correct, I had forgotten, sorry about that. I have always been good with faces and lousy with remembering names. It is a habit from my upbringing to say Sir and Ma’am to folks, this is not as common here in the States as it used to be but a lot of us old folks still do this by habit, sorry about that, no offense was meant toward you Neha.—ted


            1. I remembered everything except your name Neha, I am trying to get better, I definitely meant no slight toward you in any way. Good night, I hope to be able to speak with you any time you drop me a note. I always try to get back with folks within 24 hours at the most after they have left me a comment.—ted


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