Proliferation of Fake news

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January 30, 2018

Senate Hearing on Tuesday focusing on How to stop the spread of fake news

Senate holds the Second Hearing regarding the spreading of fake news. they focused nor tackled three issues which are the — Extent of Responsibility and accountability of Bloggers and Journalists in spreading misinformation; Effects of online platforms like Facebook in shaping public opinion and facilitating the spread of misinformation; and The accountability of Government for the use or misuse of resources in spreading disinformation or suppressing the truth.

“It has also been called, ‘cyber propaganda’ or ‘computational propaganda,’ because these are online articles that appear to be factual news, but are actually paid for and designed to manipulate opinions,” Poe said in her opening statement.

“Sa mga artikulong nasulat ukol sa Fake News, makikita natin na may dalawang aspeto ito. The content and the medium. Someone once said that, “Content is fire and…

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