שם האתר

Post-Mar. 1st 2018

  1. Reportedly close to a million non-Muslim girls have been gang-raped and trafficked in the UK. The authorities did not pursue these crimes for years, for fear of being accused of “islamophobia” and racism (Islam is not a race). And so it’s no surprise that the London police would claim not to understand why the rate of rape has increased. To speak the truth about why would be “islamophobic” as well.                 And still the rape gangs continue their activity. Politicians keep turning a blind eye, law enforcement keeps ignoring it, and this pox on British communities continues get worse. Yet no one in the British political establishment challenges Theresa May on this. She is, to a tremendous degree, responsible for the idea that any concern about these girls was just “islamophobia.” She should be swept out of office, but if she…

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2 thoughts on “Israel

  1. Thank you for sharing/spreading the words of Israel with/to your readers. it is very important to have the balanced and unrelenting Israeli voice too among the endless voices that come from the other side, the side of Israel’s enemies, actually the world’s enemies. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and one more: THANK YOU


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