What Does Silence Sound Like

What Does Silence Sound Like

When you hear Silence, are you fast asleep?

What does silence sound like too you? Silence to me is hearing a constant high pitch sound of electric voltage wire humming throughout my darkness. When you lay your head down to sleep what do you hear? Can you hear total silence? I can at times accomplish the blackness of nothingness in my minds eyes when I have lain down to sleep. I think that if we can accomplish this void in our slumber then we should be able to reach good REM sleep, the trouble is getting there.


Science tells us all that the brain never sleeps, they surmise (and I do agree) if the brain is not emitting connectors like when we are dreaming, then we are dead. This I would think would be the ultimate silence, death, but is it? The Judgement continues as we sleep, the Trumpet, then our destiny to face.


Remember what I asked you in this title (What Does Silence Sound Like)? For those of us who have the problem of Tinnitus, it seems that we have no such thing as true silence.

5 thoughts on “What Does Silence Sound Like

  1. I too am a tinnitus sufferer; for the last forty years, ever since I had surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma, I have heard the same ‘high pitch sound of electric voltage wire’ you describe. Oddly enough, usually my mind blanks it out. Fortunately, I only ever hear it when I’m reminded of it, so: thanks for that! 😛

    But to answer your question, I don’t think that there can be a true ‘silence’. We humans hear sounds in a particular bandwidth: dogs, for instance, can hear much higher pitched sounds than we can. Noise is ever-present in the universe; even in the vacuum of space you could argue that it would be possible to ‘hear’ x-rays and gamma rays and so on being emitted by the stars, if you had the right ears.

    But then, if a tree falls in a forest with no one around to hear it, does it make any sound? ( — one possible answer)


  2. Hmm. You’re right. There is no complete silence. There are only sounds we associate with silence. For me silence is the ticking of the clock when I go to sleep, or the chirping of birds in the morning. Great write!


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