8. Top 5 Things I Like About China.

Clueless In Asia

Someone call an ambulance, I’ve overdosed on St. Johns Wort!”

Yes, you read that correctly, today I am gurning with positivity (hence the title), and in today’s post, I will be injecting my top five things I like about China, directly into your veins.

Top 5 Things I Like About China”, note that I’m using the word ‘like’, as opposed to the overly, and incorrectly used word of ‘Love’. I’m not using the word ‘love’, because I can’t actually, physically, nor mentally be in, or love romantically, ‘things’ about China. Although, if I were an objectophile, I then very well could potentially be in love with or have relations with the following list. Though, of course, I am not, I just simply have a healthy liking towards the following things and nothing more.

I had planned for the more ‘fashionable’ ‘Top 10’ style of list, but…

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