The VA Says I’m Too High Risk To Get Any Help: So Now What, Nothing


Yesterday afternoon I got a letter in the mail from the VA telling me that the operations that I was to be getting this year have been canceled, saying that I am too high risk. I understand their concerns yet I feel that if they had addressed these issues years ago I would not have been as a high risk patient as I am today. I was suppose to be getting fusion surgeries on my neck and then on my very low spine then carpel tunnel surgeries on each wrist, now they won’t do them. It has been my experience that the VA moves at a V-E-R-Y slow pace, if at all on most all issues, not just compensation hearings. Back in October of 2013 one of their own Neurosurgeons who looked at an MRI from the day before said that I needed the neck surgery, 4 1/2 years later they were finally going to do it and now it gets canceled.


Last March I was finally able to get my gallbladder removed after a year and a half of pestering them about it. This is a year and a half after the imaging scan showed that it needed to be removed. They didn’t want to do it saying that I was to high risk yet by the time they finally did go in and get it, it had grown into (fused itself) into my liver. They had to actually cut my gallbladder out of my liver to get it out. If they had not gotten it out I would most likely be dead by now. This is the same type of issues I have experienced for years with VA Doctors concerning procedures on my heart, I have had to go to civilian hospitals/Doctors for life saving surgeries that the VA refused to do even though they knew that I was dying, and was going to die if the procedures didn’t happen. I will shut up my rant now, it is mostly a ‘disappointment rant’ because I know that I am not going to be able to get any relief from my pain issues. O well, things could always be worse. I hope that you are all able to have a good day, try to smile, Baseball season is only 5 weeks away. I wonder what the chances of a Bears-Jets World Series are this year?


7 thoughts on “The VA Says I’m Too High Risk To Get Any Help: So Now What, Nothing

      1. Thank you for your kindness Dolly but it does look like this was my last chance to get some pain relief in my neck, low back and arms. They say that my heart is in to bad of a condition for them to take any chance of doing any surgeries. Reality is that the pain levels will probably end up causing my heart so much stress that I will end up with another heart attack of another stroke. Every morning that I open my eyes it is a bit of a surprise to me, I have been ready to go for a long time, I have long outlived my projected time, I have no complaints. All things are in G-d’s hands so I am not worried, all things will be as He wishes. Thank you for caring, I appreciate having you as a friend. Shalom

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