Short Overview of Descarte’s “Evil Demon Argument”



Descartes’ Evil Demon Argument, Mediations 1

Renee Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician and scientist. He came upon the fact that many of his beliefs he held in the past were wrong. This lead him to reexamine his beliefs to build a foundation of knowledge from the bottom up. The process in which he built his foundation is guided by reason and skepticism. Meditations of First Philosophy, the skeptical problem of the “The Evil Demon Argument.” is presented. In short, Descartes entertains the possibility of an evil demon who manipulates reality based on deception, but finds it hard to rule out such a notion on the basis of certainty.

Proceeding “The Dream Argument,” Descartes begins to examine different spheres of general knowledge. He states that a simple mathematical equation, 2+2 always equals four, and it also seems without question that a square is not possible without its four sides. But…

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