Argument for Life after Death

Feather and Twine


I’ve taken a few philosophy courses, but I’ve yet to start making my own arguments. Arguments in which the conclusion necessitate the premises (accurate or at least sufficiently debatable premises) and follow a sound conclusion. So, one of my assignments for class is to provide an argument for life after death (one in which wasn’t mentioned in James Rachels’ Problems in Philosophy reading.)

Pssst… This may be not be entirely in the correct format, but when I get feedback from my teacher, I’ll adjust as necessary!
Argument for Life after Death

Life needs energy to exist

The conservation law states that energy manifests in different forms within a system

The conversion of energy to sustain all bodily functions is innate in all humans

We convert energy through a cycle of physical and chemical processes
During this process, energies form is interchangeable

Although, energy’s form can be altered, it’s original…

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