Tonight my wife and I were watching a taped show of Criminal Minds and like any good program should, it made me think on some issues. This program like most if not all of their programs has one of more murders in it. In tonight’s program the unsub (unknown subject) killed ten people before he killed himself. He was in a home to kill what would have been his eleventh victim when the FBI burst into the room. This man was seeking revenge for the death of his wife ten years earlier on some of the people he felt were guilty.

Ten years, some would say this is a long time, others would say, not so. How do we put a time limit on hurt and pain when this hurt is branded into one’s heart or mind? If in our soul we continue to have hate, is there such a thing as a time limit? It has been 210 months since my Mom was killed in a car accident, as you can probably tell, I have not forgotten. I could put the time down into hours and minutes, but that would serve no purpose. It took me a long time to be able to let this accident go in my heart and mind. Forgive, yes, forget, no. The young man who killed her was being immature and reckless in his driving, but it was still and accident. I never met him for the concern that if I did I might snap his neck, I have moved past those feelings for several years now, though I do still remember his name. If he had straight out murdered her, his name would have long since been written in stone. What we can forgive is a personal thing and it varies with each of us, and we will never know until an event happens to us that brings us to our knees.

At the end of tonight’s program part of a sentence started out “forgiveness does not change the past”, and no, it doesn’t. But forgiving is something that we can all do, but different issues can vary in the time it takes our hearts to heal from the event. Forgetting, a lot of things that have happened to us in our lives will never go out of our memories and psychologist tell us that some of the bad events in our childhood we suppress trying to forget them. The following few sentences are what walked across my mind after I heard that previous quote I just gave you, and I will close this note to you with it.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does shine a light on our future. Either a light to brightness, life, and site, or a light of blackness toward the evil that we now choose to live in.

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