Theological Thoughts Of ‘US’



The word us is just another word for we

I see no letter I in this word we, do you

I, us or we, what do any of them mean

What do we mean, are we all not but dust

I, us and we, are all but sinew for a grave


Us, we are all but a family a faith or a country

Yet, do we exclude those that don’t look like us

If we ride in first class do the others eat our dust

Who is us, if we segregate by skin, faith or by caste

Who will fight our wars and spill their blood for us


By political parties we separate yet do any represent us

The media, politicians and the President all seem to hate us

Will we ever learn to live to love to trust, to have faith in us

I do not know the future, yet I wonder, will there be one for us

To love, is it not to be a fool, how can anyone ever trust, in us


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