(Fun Poem) Farm Living



Have you ever been blessed to live on a country farm

A successful farm is the greatest peace anyone can see

Dark rich soil spreading from the sunrise till light dims

Keep your cities, there’s nothing like a country sunrise


If you find a girl who has been choking on the high-rise city air

Allergies, she says she’s allergic to the very air that she breathes

She say’s she loves her penthouse yet smog is all she can ever see

Say’s she loves the great outdoors, but she’s speaking of her balcony


Find you a girl who is not a hoe, but where one fits well in her hand

Do Feed Store girls with their tight jeans and Stetson give you a grin

Son, find you a girl with a Knuckle-Head and a two ton Ford to say I do

Ain’t nothing like a barn yard hay spread to turn two into, at least three


Yes, farm living is a great life style if you really wish to breathe clean

Dried cow pie fire cooks and heats your coffee and your lunch for free

Double clutching woman spreading her love on the fields of your heart

Farm living is truly a blessing for those who love clean air and being free


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