The Stained Glass Window 

My God, My Music, My Life

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I heard the doors open and shut. Another person walking into church late.


C’mon lady, the church is half empty and you come and sit right beside me.  Hello? Have you not heard of personal space?

She gave me a weak smile, and I gave her one back.  Not my first thought to do but we were in church.

A few minutes later tears started to stream down her face.

Oh no God, not today. I do not want to deal with this today. I just came to worship you, not talk to someone else. 

Ask her if she is okay!

No God! I told you I did not want to do this today. 

Reach out for her hand!

Are you serious?  I will not do that.  She will probably think I am hitting on her or something.  From the way she is crying that is the last thing…

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