שם האתר

Post- Feb. 10th 2018
1. Here is couple of events of the Arab world in the last time. I describe it in order to let the readers understand the Arab mentality. I write what the Israeli, in Arabic as well as in Hebrew, media, and based on info from Arab honorable people/sources. The descriptions are authentic and fit, translated, the original wording. Yesterday 2 people entered an Arab high school. Shot rifle fire, injured 17.5 years old boy. The story behind this event is that the boy called a Muslim girl unpleasant names/talked to her not nicely. The Arabs are very sensitive to such talks. She told it at home. Obviously, the questions arise are the following: Why the first step was shooting before talking and discussing the matter, and where the shooters got the means for the shooting and what happened to them after they shot? They shot without…

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