How Does A Teacher Burn Out?

Teaching, Traveling, and Talking

“You get a 3 month paid vacation.  Why are you complaining?”
This phrase.  A teacher’s nemesis.  The phrase we hear from strangers, politicians, or read online.  We hear it from those who have not stepped foot into a classroom since the day they threw their cap in the air proclaiming this phrase, not knowing the frustrations of a teacher.
So how can a teacher get burned out?
They get summers off.
Holiday breaks.
Spring Break.
Every major holiday.
Let’s not forget those snow days!
They only work 180 days out of the year! How can they possibly be burned out?
Let me break this down simply.  There are three major reason we get burned out and fast:
1) State mandates changing yearly (sometimes monthly)
2) Parents
3) Colleagues
Put these in a pot and stir it all together, you have hot mess of craziness for one school year.  Let me…

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