Fari nella notte

tavolozza di vita

Fari nella notte
Sono solo
sogni d’amore
a scandire
il tempo
a dar vita
a questo cercare
Fari nella notte
a squarciare
buio e solitudine
in chi sa credere

08.09.2016 Poetyca

Beacons in the night

I am alone
dreams of love
to mark
the weather
to give life
to this search
Beacons in the night
to pierce
dark and lonely
for those who can believe

08/09/2016 Poetyca

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7 thoughts on “Fari nella notte

  1. I also use the Google translator. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely wishes. Every day, God blesses all the people he awakens after sleeping with even more lives. If you watch it closely. Thus we are always blessed as long as God gives us breath. That is true love for me. Thanks for the reminder. Lux


    1. Lol, that’s okay, I only speak English so I have to use the WordPress translator to read a lot of folks articles. I have learned that even though I respond back in English within articles the computer goes back to the original when I forward or reblog articles for folks. I guess that some times it is true that ‘intent’ can get ‘lost in translation’. I do hope that you are able to have a great week, stay warm, stay safe, God bless.—ted

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  2. Leuchtfeuer in der Nacht

    Ich bin allein,
    Träume aus Liebe
    das Wetter,
    geben Leben
    für die Suche,
    Leuchtfeuer in der Nacht
    durchbohren Dunkelheit
    und Einsamkeit für diejenigen,
    die glauben können.

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