(Wisdom Poem) Be Kind To Others



It is the fool who promotes his own shame and greed

For it is only the wise who shall inherit God’s glory

The passionate shall show mercy to the weak stranger

The Lord blesses the homes of those who love Him

Yet the Lord curses the hearts of those who choose evil


The person who is forward and aggressive loses his own Soul

Yet the Lord keeps His secrets bound in the hearts of the meek

If you envy the possessions of the aggressor you envy a fool

Do not be aggressive toward anyone who has done you no harm

Only an idiot chooses to be aggressive toward their own neighbor


If your brother seeks food and you have it then invite him to share

Do not withhold food from your neighbor when your pantry is full

Satin rejoices in the hearts of the greedy and those who worship gold

Do not let the sun set on you paying the wages to the working poor

Don’t be fooled, the Earth is the Lord’s Footstool, He will Judge us all

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