Storming the Râșnov Fortress!


The ancient site of the Fortress of Râșnov is situated in Brașov county, Râșnov area in Romania. The site is very interesting, mainly because of its position on the top of a hill. From this vantage point, you have the nicest views of the mountains that surround it.


This place was built with the intention of defending the Transylvanian Villages from invaders.  A decisive aspect for building the citadel on this actual location was the route of the invading armies which were coming from the Bran pass. Bran is the area in which you will find the castle most associated with Dracula.

The medieval citadel is thought to have been built between 1211 and 1225, during the rule of Teutonic Knights in Burzenland, although there is no evidence in this respect. This place is really interesting, and you should pay a visit. It’s right on a top of hill. You can walk all the way up, or take a little…

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