My Perspective On Christianity

This article is the views of a lady who is of the Wiccan faith who grew up around mostly all Christians.

The Ramey Family

We all know what perspective is, and its different for everyone. For example, in Kentucky, where I lived for about 5 years, its mostly white straight people, raised along side the batist church. At 16, most of the people I knew there grew up going to Youth Group to meet up with friends, Church on Sunday was a regular thing, and the bible was discussed like a manual for life, all the time. To these people, god is good, and happy and theres only light. Those are the people on the inside.

For me, I knew at 13 I was not Christian, so already I was on the outside. Even if I hadn’t been Wiccan, being raised in Ohio, with a family that rarely went to church, still didn’t give me the same experince. Add to it, that I’am a lesbien, and it really gave me a sour tint to…

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