Trashy Business


(Written 2-7-2007)

   Life can be filled with fun things to do. Also, it can be down right trashy. We moved to an apartment complex in south Morristown in December of 2004. We live at the top of a steep hill with its road filled with speed bumps leading down to the main street. One of the things that I noticed when we moved in was how far it was to the complex trash compactor unit.

    I was worried when we moved in that my dad would be making me take the trash down to this compactor as one of my chores. I was right to worry. This unit is down the road I mentioned, and then you have to cross the regular street into the other part of the complex and go about fifty yards up to the trash compactor unit. I don’t want to be a trash re-locator when I finish growing up, how could a loving dad ask such a thing of me? The pain, the agony of the work!

    Well, to make a long story short, I’ve gotten pretty good at taking my skate board or even my bike to unload those trash bags. My dad says every once in a while that everything in life is decided by how you choose to look at things. Since all my griping and complaining did me no good I decided to make this trashy business work to my favor.

    Now, I enjoy taking the trash down to the packer unit. No matter if I am on wheels or walking down with one of my friends from on top of the hill. It has become fun to do. Now, while I am down there I am allowed to go the locked mailbox system across from the office and get our family’s mail. I have found that now I am being trusted more by my mom and my dad in doing other things I want to do. Since I have proven I can do this safely I am getting more privileges. Also, going down that hill at the speed of light is cool. Another advantage I have noticed from doing this trashy chore is I am stronger and healthier from doing the mountain climb to get back home. I guess having trashy thoughts are not so bad after all.


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