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Yeah.. Talk back to your feelings.

Very often we put far too much emphasis on our feelings. We presume, assume and think everything has to feel good or it’s not worthwhile. We freely say things like ; “I don’t feel like eating”, “I don’t feel like studying”, “I don’t feel like going out”, “I don’t feel like working”, “I don’t feel like reading my Bible”, or “I feel like eating more”, “I feel like having another drink”, “I feel like sleeping in today” etc.

Don’t give your feelings so much authority. Feelings are highly unreliable, they cloud our sense of reasoning and logical reasoning may not be within reach. If you allow them, they will control and manipulate you. We’ve got to learn how to manage our feelings and challenge our emotions. Your emotions are supposed to serve you and not the other way round.

For one to be truly…

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2 thoughts on “Talk Back…

  1. After reading this article, my first thought was to unfallow you, because of the difference in religious views, and because well I just plainly find most topics laughable. Now after a second to reconsider, I find it worth my time to read these, even if just for a laugh. I whole heartedly dissagree with this idea that our intiuition is wrong and Christians have often found it helpful to say things like this, because it is the direct opposit of the mindset most Pagans addapt. Through out history, free spirits who fallow their own paths have often been called wild, and impolite, and it was often blamed on heathen gods. Anyways, before I ramble anymore, it should be stated that by calling us heathens, those who would tame us haven’t done so, but they have given us a greater battle cry.


    1. Hi Ms. Ramey, I have to admit that I had to click back on their article and to reread it. I read every word and I didn’t see where the author was ‘cutting down’ anyone nor did the word ‘heathen’ appear in the article, so I am a bit confused. Are you sure this is the same article that your comment is about? I am glad that you didn’t ‘un-follow’ as I have no intention of un-following your site. Any time that you have any question about anything you find in my reblogs or in an article that I myself wrote please do drop a comment to me. It is not at all uncommon for me to reblog other peoples articles that I don’t personally agree with as a means to get conversations started. Please feel free to drop me a line any time about any thing, I enjoy hearing from folks whether they agree with me or not.


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