The meaning of life♡

Try to get it!

When someone I know dies I begin to ask myself the same question..(Why do we live.?.why we are here on earth ?..Why we live for some time and then we become just a memory in the minds or hearts of other people?)
Some people leave our world and their love and good deeds are still living with us.
Other people go and leave only pain behind them.
I searched for an answer to my question and I found it and I like to share it with u here.
We can find the answer in this verse from Koraan (I have only created Jinns and men,that they may serve me.)Chapter5*The winnowing winds ..verse 56
وما خلقت الجن والانس الا ليعبدون….سورة الذايات 56
The word (serve)…is the essence and the meaning of life.
To smile in the face of people you meet despite all ur pain and burdens is(serve).
To help others…

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