(Religious Poem) The Blink Of An Eye: Or Forever



I know that my flesh and my heart shall return to the dust

Yet the Lord is the strength of my heart and love of my Soul

All of my life I follow Thy Holy Council to receive Your reward

I walk continually with You Lord as you are holding my hand

Before I knew You Father I was only a beast in the darkness


When I learned of You Lord I was pricked in my very heart

I have seen You in my dreams and You awakened my Soul

The blind are clueless and consumed in their daily terrors

When our courts say teach not your children I cannot obey

Our Leaders say speak not of You, but then our Nation dies


There is no Caste in death yet the bands of death are firm

It is foolish to cherish wealth of the wicked in this short life

For me, now my steps are but a few, I can see Your Light Lord

My children will worship You as You sit upon the Temple Mount

Our life is but a blink Lord, eternity with You Lord is love unending

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