A Servant Heart

Water for Camels

Today, I challenge you to develop a servant heart. I know I will get some quizzical looks and some furrowed brows. And yes, I said the word servant. Give me a chance to clarify. It is difficult to imagine willingly putting strangers before ourselves as a general principle. Especially if those strangers dont even want us in their lives. But to be an effective social worker, it is necessary.
The term servant evokes negative images and thoughts from people who equate servitude with slavery. Humans throughout history have forced other human beings into slavery for their own gain, stripped them of their rights and dignity and treated them abominably. That is involuntary slavery. And it is the highest form of narcissism to believe that any one class, race or culture is superior to another. Servitude denotes an agreement and in this case it is a decision. I am talking about…

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