(Religious Poem) The Lord God Will Help Me



You shall lie down in many sorrows

This you shall have at My hand

In the sparks that you have kindled

You shall walk in the flames of your fire

Beware of those who start those flames


Let the wise rest in the hand of the Lord God

Put your trust in the heart and name of the Lord

Why walk in the darkness refusing Gods Light

Who among us obeys the voice of God’s servants

If you have wisdom the fear the wrath of the Lord


The Moth and the Worm shall eat the transgressors

Hearts of the wicked wax cold as the belly of a Serpent

Who among the unbelievers is worthy to condemn me

The spears and arrows of the wicked can kill the body

But behold the Lord God will help me and save my Soul


Let my adversaries come unto me in friendship this very day

Friend and foe let us sit, eat and study together as brothers

Who can stand against me when the Lord of Lords is with me

I know that I shall not be ashamed nor shall I be disappointed

My face is set like a granite stone for the Lord God will help me


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