Thinking Without Walls


In a world full of people, what will make me stand out? My ideas? I feel a lot of us struggle with this concept of standing out in order to get the best job, a successful business, or first house. Think about it: 7.5 billion people here on Earth right now, 7.5 billion brains flowing with brilliant ideas. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to life, I feel we all could use that something that makes us stand out. Ready to learn how?

Explore Cultures/History.
The world is quite a big place in terms of what we can travel. A great way to really open up the mind to a world without barriers is to simply explore. Talk to people of different cultures, read history, view photographs, or if possible, travel to these brilliant places. Learn the ways of life and apply your favored features into your…

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