The Lord will help me


Isaiah 50

Isaiah 50:1

When Israel was carried into captivity it was not because God had forgotten his covenant, or wantonly cast off his people. He was not like a cruel husband who divorces his wife in anger, or like a poor needy father compelled to give up his children to his creditors for debt. No, it was sin which brought every evil upon Israel; sin, and nothing else. This also is true in our case. Sin is the root of misery; if we rebel against God, he will surely make us smart under his displeasure.

Isaiah 50:2, 3

When Jesus came to the Jews they received him not; this was their condemnation. They were lost, not because he could not save, but because they would not receive him.

Isaiah 50:2, 3

God has wrought these marvels and can work them again. By these deeds of power he delivered his…

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