(Religious Poem) Respect The Devil



Respect the Devil if you have even half of a brain

He was once an Arc Angel now destined to flame

Satan witnessed the beginning of all the Universes

He was there with God when he hung all the Planets

He was once one of the brightest of the Children of Light


Satan made a terrible mistake and it cost Him His Crown

Rebelling against His Father the worst mistake ever made

He can still portray Himself in all His former Pomp and Glory

The Angels who followed Him it led to their unholy destruction

He witnessed the beginning of Humans, He will see our end


Satan was on this Planet when God created Humans and His Garden

The Devil can appear as an Angel of God, a Snake or even as a man

If the Human body is hollow without the protection of God’s Spirit

One of His Angels can own you, nothing you can then do about it

Don’t act a fool, be wise, respect your Arc Enemy, Respect the Devil



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