I will bring the blind by a way that they did not know


Isaiah 42:1-16

We shall now listen to Isaiah while he speaks partly of Cyrus, and principally of Christ in—Isaiah 42:1-16.

Isaiah 42:1

mine elect or my choice one

Isaiah 42:1

This Jesus has done in our case, for we who were sinners of the Gentiles rejoice in his righteousness. Glory be to his name!

Isaiah 42:2

Jesus was meek and lowly, and no clamorous fainter for popularity.

Isaiah 42:3

The poor, useless, feeble heart, which, like a crushed reed, can yield no music, Jesus binds up; and the soul in which only a spark of grace lingers, and out of which only a smoke of desire arises, he will preserve and fan into a flame. How encouraging is this! Oh, for faith to lay hold upon it!

Isaiah 42:7

See what a Saviour we have, and how the Lord is. with him. He works wonders of grace, and why may…

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