Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #3 Transcendence or Surpassing other gods and man

Questiontime - Vragenuurtje

Финиковый компотIn the Russian philosophy magazine, Date-Palm Compote, philosophy student at Moscow State University, Eugene Loginov, recently interviewed Steve Fuller on his views about arguments concerning the existenceof God. Question is for what sort of god are we looking for? I think we should wonder if there does exist some God above all those gods human beings took for themselves.

Eugene Loginov, asks

If you tried to prove God’s existence (or to make a claim against its existence), what definition of the notion of “God” would you use? Do you think that the classic definition of “God” as “the all-good, omniscient and omnipotent creator of the world” is still the suitable one? {Steve Fuller on Proofs for God’s Existence: An Interview, Eugene Loginov}

Has mankind a need of a Omnipotent God Who is above all other gods? Is there a need for such God…

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