Is Cuban cab driver earning more than Cuban doctor?

vision of sid

So how is a cab driver is earning more than a doctor in Cuba? It does sound funny, doesn’t it? Well when Fidel Castro was having dictatorship In Cuba, he terminated all the private sector. That means that private sector was finished, finished means 0%. From a huge multi-million company to private Street shop, all were now under control of the government. Fidel Castro thought that by terminating private sector and bringing it under control of government will help the country’s economy but, things didn’t get that simple.

At that time, Cuba was getting its supplies from USSR. The bond between Cuba and USSR at that time was very strong, history witnesses. Now, this affected a lot the people of the nation, Fidel Castro now turned his desirable rate on everything, from a car to common bread, everything was now under the decision of Castro. He believed that by…

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