Best of 2017 Readers Eye: Cappadocia, Turkey.

{Tech} for Travel

As the year comes to a close, all this week I will be looking back at some of the images shared with {Tech} for Travel by my readers and other bloggers.  To see all of the reader images that headed up the weekly round-ups during 2017, view them here.

Cappadocia, Turkey.


To begin this end of year special, there is no better way to start than with the first submission I received.  Until Dan & Debra, from With the Barretts, got in touch, I was unaware of the hot air balloon events in Cappadocia.  Now I notice images from it are used in several different ad campaigns here in the UK!

First Featured: March 18th, 2017.

This image amazes me as I struggle to understand how so many hot air balloons can be in such a small airspace at the same time!

“We are a transformation team…

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