Battle of Ankara

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Inked Turkey Map Location of battle (circled)

One of the most epic encounters on the battlefield took place in 1402 in Anatolia. The Battle of Ankara was between the two most powerful men of their day – Timur of the Timurids and Bayezid of the Ottomans – with the result bringing about the near collapse of one of these Empires.


Timur_reconstruction03 Timur (1335-1405), founder of the Timurid Empire

On the one side was a man who claimed descent from Genghis Khan and worked hard to replicate the Mongolian leader’s achievements; Timur had conquered an empire stretching from China in the East to the Mediterranean in the West, in the process conquering and destroying some of the most iconic cities in history. He had inflicted defeats upon powerful states such as the Delhi Sultanate in India and the Mamluks in Egypt.

Bayezid I Bayezid (1354-1403), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

On the other side was a…

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4 thoughts on “Battle of Ankara

  1. Thank you for your support, much appreciated! You bet there’s more historical knowledge of the Islamic world coming your way!


    1. Thank you, even though I am a devout Christian I know that I have much that I can learn from other cultures, people and countries. I hold no hatred toward any people. Even though I do not worship within other Religions that does not mean that I wish anyone any harm at all. As people, if we close our eyes, ears and hearts then our Souls are already dead and delivered on a platter to the Devil. I look forward to reading many more of your articles, you are an excellent writer!


      1. That’s awfully nice of you to say! I don’t know if you have Facebook or Instagram but I post fresh content almost every day on there. Stay in touch.


      2. You too, and thank you. I just always try to make sure that everything that I say is honest, I may not always be right, but I refuse to lie just to get some point or view a better light. I know that I really enjoyed everything that I read on your site, great work.


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