Do you have true friendships?

A Better Man

Name your five closest friends, I’ll wait. Think of the people you can talk to about anything, the ones you’ve known for a while, the ones you can always call. Now, think of how many people on Facebook you can really say are anything like that group. We all still have a guy from high school on our Facebook that we don’t think about until his birthday.

Dunbar’s number, the supposed maximum number of meaningful social relationships you can have, is 150. The median Facebook user has a much higher number of friends than that, how many of them are really people you still know? How many of them are people who you would want to see for no other reason than that you enjoy their presence? How many of your friends are really your “friends”? How can you know the difference? What is that difference?

In his ethical masterpiece…

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23 thoughts on “Do you have true friendships?

    1. You are very kind, thank you. To be honest with you though I don’t know anything at all about the blogger awards yet I still do thank you for your kindness of nominating me for one of them.


      1. I don’t know Chris. Here in the US it seems that people have gotten to ‘into themselves’, this selfie generation. People seem to lie far more often than they speak the truth and they have no remorse for their actions or their lies, it is sad and it is sickening. Truth and honesty seems to be looked at as a personal weakness, not a strength.

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      2. Chris, thank you for your kindness, I appreciate you taking of your time to read folks articles and for taking of your time to make comments, I appreciate you Sir.


      3. I agree, to me, true friends tend to be someone that I have know at least 20 years. People who have seen all of my negatives, usually several times, and yet they still choose to be friends with me. To me a huge thing within a friendship is simply, no lying, none. None of us humans are anywhere near perfect, we all make mistakes, we all do things that we regret having done so there is no need to try to ‘sugar coat’ our flaws, I just want people to be honest with me, no matter what as this is the courtesy that I give to all other people. If a person is going to lie to me I would much rather they stay quiet and say nothing. If I can’t trust the words coming out of a persons mouth I don’t even want to hear them talk. It is sort of like listening to Donald Trump talk, why bother, he is just a waste of everyone’s time.

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      4. i find your thoughts,extremely interesting, more to the point… Relationships now days, people are forced to place their finances ahead of everything else, which sense is truly sad! i for one, crave a relationship, more than often, humans were not meant to live alone…

        Now on view about President Trump, even before the man ran for office, i new he would be a President! i’ve base a lot, funny not my own, but other decisions on feeling…

        An i felt that President Trump was the right man for the times… Belief or not, we have long history!

        Being the President of the United States, is an extremely tax’sing job…

        Policing the world, can prove costly, not only in money but blood..


      5. I agree with you on most every thing you just wrote. Mr. Trump is a person that I personally don’t like and the main reason is that I know that his word means nothing, he lies constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I totally don’t like Hillary Clinton either, for the exact same reason. The American people really didn’t have any quality people to elect as our President last November of 2016. I agree about the job of being the President of any country or even a large company, is a very difficult job to be in, the U.S. Presidency is a job that I know that I would not want no matter what the salary and benefit package is/was.


      6. Chris, you lost me there, I missed your meanings? Can you explain a little more so that I’m not lost? I don’t want to tell you that I agree or disagree with you when I am not sure of what you were saying, you deserve better than that from me to you.—ted


      7. Travelling time, a day or years, has been known, ifinn you believe or don’t no matter… There several techniques to go about this task, however very few travel in this manner of being reborn into a child, with no memories of past lifes… Hence forth travelling through President Lincoln, making the mistake with Indian lands…

        ifinn you could find an honest witch you trust, she help with another form of travelling time called the “witches thread.”

        Does this help curb your curiosity?


      8. Yes Sir, people do not have to always have the same ‘faith system’ to be able to learn from each other. Often people who do not look at the world through the same glasses, or with the same life experiences are able to see more and understand more if they will just speak openly and honestly with each other. If everyone only sees the world from one angle or view, then they do not really see or understand most of reality. I enjoy learning from the life experiences of the people I meet here in this blog like yourself Chris.

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      9. i too, lov the breath of learning… i use to be surprised from where knowledge came from, now however just accept…

        One doesn’t learn, ifinn they don’t ask the stupid question?


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