Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lanka’s Little England

The Less Traveled Paths

Nuwara Eliya region is famous for its cooler climate, its abundant tea plantations and its unique architecture. The city is worth spending a couple of days, relaxing, breathing the fresh air, drinking tea and, of course, doing some trekking to discover the amazing landscape the area has to offer.

Here is what to do in and around Nuwara Eliya:

Nuwara Eliya town

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Called Little England, Nuwara Eliya was founded by Samuel Baker in the 19th century. Its name come from Sinhalese, it means city on the plain and city of light. Located in central Sri Lanka,  at an altitude of 1 900 meters,  the town will surprise you with its colonial architecture, so far from what Sri Lankan cities usually look like. The city center will remind you of where you are though… But as soon as you leave the town center, near Lake Gregory, surrounded…

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