Jesus Is The Jewish Messiah-For All



Dear Friend,

Shalom and Happy New Year! Thank you for your prayers and support for Chosen People Ministries throughout 2017. This year begins our 124th year of ministry! We are excited about what God has done this past year and we are anticipating what He will do in 2018.

A Year in Review

During 2017, your partnership has enabled us to:

  • Have millions of people watch our evangelistic testimony videos,
  • Personally speak to hundreds of Jewish non believers,
  • Influence major seminaries for the sake of Jewish evangelism,
  • Establish new outreach centers in Israel.

Yet most Jewish people still do not believe in Jesus! Let me tell you why!

Jewish people think if they accept Jesus, they will no longer be Jewish. This was my thinking before I accepted Jesus.

As a Jewish person, I was raised with stories of Jewish martyrs who refused to become Christians during the time of the Crusades or the later Pogroms in Eastern Europe. Jewish people usually chose death over conversion.

Do you need to leave your Jewishness behind when you believe in Jesus? The answer is NO! The Bible teaches the opposite, as when a Jewish person believes in Jesus they become the Jewish person God has always wanted them to be! This was the Apostle Paul’s experience (Romans 11:5) and mine.

We have a very positive message. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah–for all! And you do not need give up your Jewishness to believe in Jesus – He makes it more meaningful!  This is exactly what our missionaries have been preaching since our start in 1894.

Plans for 2018

Here is what is in store for the next 12 months: 

  • Complete 100 vibrant video testimonies of Jewish people who have found the Lord.
  • To develop an online video discipleship course in partnership with other ministries that is based on the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Double the number of “Isaiah 53 Explained” books in Hebrew sent to Israeli seekers.
  • Increase our outreach in Israel among young adults, Holocaust survivors and the poor.

He is the promised Messiah after all!

Blessings in 2018!

Your brother,


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