The Truth About Marijuana

The Blunt Truth

In the last year, 55 million Americans have used marijuana and the sun still rose and the world kept spinning. The other 260 million are either lying or they’ve been too afraid to learn the truth about weed. It blows my mind that since 1937 marijuana has been outlawed nationally.

Speaking of mind-blowing, I suppose I should get in the spirit and smoke a bowl of green, loveliness. Mmmm… ah yes. That was nice. Do I feel like raping and murdering people? No. In fact, every article I’ve written, I was stoned. Surprise! But, don’t hate me, I’m a good, caring, responsible member of society. Let’s get down to the facts.

1. No one has ever overdosed and died from marijuana… in 5,000 years.

2. Researchers at Stanford state that weed smokers have a higher sex drive. Smoking some reefer might save your marriage. In fact, you will get along…

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