Mt. Naupa, Naga: From Reefs To Ridges


I am not the superstitious type despite the provincial upbringing I had when I was little. I grew up fearing the tolling of the eight o’clock bell at night but it was more of a fear of the belt against my behind than the agta, or the kaskas, or the aswang, or whatever elemental my parents’ wild imagination could conjure out of the woody, thin countryside air. I can say I grew up to be rather the pragmatist than the pious man my mother dreamed of despite the rather backward indoctrination I got when I was young. Still, I wouldn’t wish to cross paths with a headless friar on a moonless night.

Imagine my ambivalence about spending a night in the mountains of Naga, which, without any intention of resorting to regional stereotypes, is known for stories of paranormal happenings at night. I got an…

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